Star Wars: Scatterstar
"Execute order 66"
With those simple words, myriad Jedi and Padawans had fallen under the trigger of a blaster. They were all but purged from the galaxy. Survivors, desperate to live on hid, in exile and scattered to distant, remote planets. The Galactic Senate had crumbled, giving way to the Empire.

But balance must return to the Force, and secretly, Jedi are roaming the galaxy to find Padawans, a new generation to train in the ways of the light side of the Force. A rebellion is forming and those once undiscovered in the Wild Space and the Unexplored Sector are now making their voices heard.

ScatterStar is a Star Wars crossover forum based RPG set in the 26th century and takes place between Episode III and Episode IV. Ever wanted a Vulcan Jedi? A Klingon with a BFG 9000? A Roswell Grey Sith? A Yautja bounty-hunter who collects the lightsabers of his kills? A Wookie ensign in Star Fleet? In ScatterStar, all this and more can be possible.
Because the Universe is a very, very big place...
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Lone wolf and LE-R03Y8 Head to ScatterStar

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Lone wolf and LE-R03Y8 Head to ScatterStar Empty Lone wolf and LE-R03Y8 Head to ScatterStar

Post by Lonewolf902 on Wed Jan 01, 2014 4:52 pm

"You have got to be kidding me Kel-tar!!! i delivered all goods as promised without any authorities being the wiser, and now your gonna stiff me on a quarter of the payment because i was two days late? Had i not made the jump to alderaan we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. I would be in Imperial custody and your goods would be in a lock up somewhere!! Not to mention The Tooth would've been melted down." Wolf glared incredulously at the Corellian crime lord. Two days and this bastard acts like i stole half his shipment.  "Sending that bucket of bolts to the scrapyard would be a vast improvement to the bubble gum and duct tape that holds it together now. Your pay is getting docked on the principle of punctuality that i try to personify." Kel-tar's eyes flicked to his guards, a pair of brutish corellians, and they moved a bit closer to wolf gripping their blaster rifles tightly. "Tar, now come on. I need this money man. The Tooth needs a new shield array and the Navi computer is just days away from shorting out. If it weren't for Roy i'd have bounced off a star months ago. Look past my tardiness this one time man and i swear to you it won't happen again!"

Without thinking Wolf reached out with the Force and touched Kel-tar's mind trying to change his decision. After a silence that seemed like an eternity Kel-tar finally spoke, "Tell you what, you do me another job and ill give you your full rate plus half. But i only do this because i am feeling generous, count yourself lucky! Now the job i have for you needs to be handled in the utmost secrecy. Its a transport job, living cargo, very very precious and its imperative that they make it to their destination unharmed." Wolf looked shocked at the sudden turn in Kel-tar's mood, not really sure of what just happened. He nodded slowly grasping the fact that he had not only got his full pay but also another job that would pay well more then he expected. He must really need this shipped bad if he is offering THAT much. "Well Tar you know my rules. I'm not a slaver and i don't deal in the skin market, not matter what the price." Kel-tar looked back at the smuggler, the fury rising in his eyes. "You will transport what i tell you to transport, no matter what the cargo. In your position you can't afford to be picky." Wolf smiled. "That my friend is where you are wrong, assuming my employers actually pay what they promise upon completion of a job. I can afford to be a little picky when it comes to slavery." Determined to end this conversation and get back to his ship, Wolf steeled his resolve and spoke very clearly and darkly. "You are GOING to pay my full rate and then you are GOING to tell me to leave. Your going to give this transport job to someone else and be happy about it and your not going to call me for a job again." Suddenly Wolf felt very drained and tired as is he had just been wrestling with a Gundark. Trying not to show weakness in front of this wanna be hutt it took all he had not to collapse onto the ground. "I am going to pay your full rate. You may leave, the credits will be transferred upon arrival to your ship. I have someone else in mind for this job" Kel-tar then smiled. "Good hunting and safe travels Lone Wolf. I fear this may be our last dealing." Wolf stood in the middle of the room, his mouth hanging open in obvious disbelief, until one of the guards advanced on him snapping him back to his senses he spoke. "T-T-Thanks Kel-Tar. Guess we'll be seeing ya." with that he turned and rushed out of the room.

Once he was a few blocks from the estate Wolf keyed his comm. "LeRoy tell me you've got the tooth ready to go. we might be leaving in a hurry." A chirp from the comm was all the response Wolf needed as he double timed back to the spaceport. What happened in there? His mind completely changed, and why the hell am i so blasted tired. I've got to get out of here and get this stuff figured out. As he entered his ship he shouted towards the cockpit before headed to the refresher. "LeRoy!! Plot a course for that space station we smuggled those passengers to a few months back! Also has Tar transferred the funds?" The robotic voice came back from a speaker in the wall. "Yes sir, the funds have been transferred and cleared. We've also been cleared for take off, do you wish to proceed to Scatterstar station?" Wolf splashed water on his face and grunted a reply to the affirmative. "aye aye sir, prepare for takeoff." Suddenly the ship jolted forward and up, stumbling a bit Wolf made his way out of the refresher to the cockpit. Watching the blue sky turn to black and fill in with stars Wolf began to relax. He never felt more at home then he did in his ship in the depths of space, the cold, the solace, and the pure connection to what makes the universe. As the stars began to stretch into the blue void of hyperspace Wolf closed his eyes and fell asleep…...

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