Star Wars: Scatterstar
"Execute order 66"
With those simple words, myriad Jedi and Padawans had fallen under the trigger of a blaster. They were all but purged from the galaxy. Survivors, desperate to live on hid, in exile and scattered to distant, remote planets. The Galactic Senate had crumbled, giving way to the Empire.

But balance must return to the Force, and secretly, Jedi are roaming the galaxy to find Padawans, a new generation to train in the ways of the light side of the Force. A rebellion is forming and those once undiscovered in the Wild Space and the Unexplored Sector are now making their voices heard.

ScatterStar is a Star Wars crossover forum based RPG set in the 26th century and takes place between Episode III and Episode IV. Ever wanted a Vulcan Jedi? A Klingon with a BFG 9000? A Roswell Grey Sith? A Yautja bounty-hunter who collects the lightsabers of his kills? A Wookie ensign in Star Fleet? In ScatterStar, all this and more can be possible.
Because the Universe is a very, very big place...
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Post by Lonewolf902 on Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:40 pm

Player Information
You don't have to be totally honest, and you can be vague (Age: 20s, Name: ButtercupFireball the Third), we just want to have a sense of who you are.

Age: 25
Gender: male
Contact info: (AIM, MSN, email, websites.)
How did you find us?: Rpg-D
A little bit about yourself:
Star Wars Familiarity: Seen all the movies at least 7 times. Played 90% of the video games, Read a lot of the comics/books. Extensive knowledge of the universe and the EU

Character Information

Character Series of Origin: Star Wars
Series Familiarity: Extremely well
Real Name (Optional):    Jack Campbell
Aliases: Lone Wolf
Race/species:  Human
Home Planet:  Iego(claimed)
Affiliation:   Independent/Helps out Rebels if the money is right. Captain of Ship "Wolfs Tooth"
Title/Job: Smuggler/Bounty Hunter
Ambitions: Main goal: Make money, Learn more about his mysterious ability to use the force.
Gender: male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 215
Eye Colour: hazel
Hair Colour:  Brown
Likes: Smuggler,Swindlers and Scoundrels. His ship, Women and the company they can provide. Credits and the things they buy.
Dislikes:  Authority figures such as the empire, regulation officers. Dark jedi or "Sith" as the call themselves can be quite annoying as well.
Strengths:  His devilishly good looks, His ability to handle a blaster His flight ability. Although he may never admit it his robotic counter-part/co-pilot  is probably his greatest strength.
Weaknesses: Sucker for a pretty face, over confident, Relies too heavily on his Droid.
History/RP Sample: "OH COME ON!!!!!!" The voice called out in dismay followed by a series of loud metallic clangs. "Sir, Striking the ship isn't going to make the hyper drive suddenly work. I also believe you may be damaging the hydrospanner." LE-RO3Y8 spoke demeaningly. "You know what LeRoy." Wolf's head popped up out of the maintenance hatch. "If your so damn smart YOU fix it!!!!" Wolf climbed out of the maintenance compartment and shoved the hydrospanner at his droid counterpart. "But sir, You know this ship like the band of your hand. Which you couldn't describe to me in detail without looking i might add." Staring blankly in utter disbelief Wolf just sighed and walked away. "I'm gonna go talk to Kel-tar about our payment. Just see what you can do." Wolf walked off the gangplank and left LE-RO3Y8 to fix the "Wolfs Tooth". The "Tooth" is a highly modified YT-2400 Freighter he bought years upon years ago.  As he made his way through the hanger bay on his way to the local crime lord's estate room he could help but feel a sense of for boding. This isn't going to end well, i know it. The cargo manifest was right and i did everything that the bastard wanted. No patrols so much as saw me. Something still doesn't feel right though. Shaking his nervousness but still ensuring that his blaster was by his side Wolf stepped towards the giant door and pressed the call button. If this was going to happen what better time then now.  
Credit Count: (Leave this blank. The mods will dole these out to you if you're accepted.)

Skill and Equipment A Modified  Corellian Engineering YT-2400, A Cybot Galactica LE series Repair droid (LE-RO3Y8), A Blastech Heavy blaster Pistol, An EE-3 Blaster Carbine, Pilots jumpsuit, Assorted clothing, Vibroblade, Lightsaber Parts(nonfunctioning).

Technique(s)/Abilities: Force user but very untrained, can sense moods fairly easily and when concentrating can alter others decisions. Very handy with his own weaponry due to heavy modification.

Weapon(s): Blastech Heavy blaster- Modified handle for left handed shooting,Medium range scope, Extended power pack.
EE-3 Blaster carbine- Extended stock for accuracy, Hunter scope 10x zoom, extended power pack, modified handle for left handed shooting.

Racial Bonus: Normal Human, Very high tolerance to bright lights to to exposure from dazzling nebulas surrounding home planet. Also natural affinity to technology from years tinkering with ship parts from crashed ships on home planet.

Ship Creation
Ship schematics:
Ship name: Wolfs Tooth
Ship model:  Corellian Engineering YT-240
Ship History: Given in lue of payment by crime boss of corellia
Modifications: Second hand Soro
Crew Members Heavily modified SSP05 hyperdrive generator,Nordoxicon-38 anti-concussion field generator,  Dual Escape pods, Enhanced sensor countermeasure package.
Other role players can join your crew! List them below.
It is advised all ships have at least A Captain (Usually the ship's owner), a Pilot (Which can also be captain), an Engineer and a medic. Other things like cook, councillor, weapons expert and so forth are optional.
Captain: Lone Wolf
Pilot/Navigator: Lone Wolf
Second Navigator: LE-RO3Y8
Engineer/Tech: LE-RO3Y8
Medic: none

Other crew members:

Anything else?:

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