Star Wars: Scatterstar
"Execute order 66"
With those simple words, myriad Jedi and Padawans had fallen under the trigger of a blaster. They were all but purged from the galaxy. Survivors, desperate to live on hid, in exile and scattered to distant, remote planets. The Galactic Senate had crumbled, giving way to the Empire.

But balance must return to the Force, and secretly, Jedi are roaming the galaxy to find Padawans, a new generation to train in the ways of the light side of the Force. A rebellion is forming and those once undiscovered in the Wild Space and the Unexplored Sector are now making their voices heard.

ScatterStar is a Star Wars crossover forum based RPG set in the 26th century and takes place between Episode III and Episode IV. Ever wanted a Vulcan Jedi? A Klingon with a BFG 9000? A Roswell Grey Sith? A Yautja bounty-hunter who collects the lightsabers of his kills? A Wookie ensign in Star Fleet? In ScatterStar, all this and more can be possible.
Because the Universe is a very, very big place...
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Kevik - Star Wars - Dug

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Kevik - Star Wars - Dug Empty Kevik - Star Wars - Dug

Post by Dvorak-Kevik-Vermin on Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:38 pm

Player Information
You don't have to be totally honest, and you can be vague (Age: 20s, Name: ButtercupFireball the Third), we just want to have a sense of who you are.

Name/Alias: Q
Age: Old enough
Gender: Female
Contact info: AIM: AnarchicQ EMAIL: AnarchicQ at Gmail dot com
How did you find us?: I'm the founder.
A little bit about yourself: I'm the letter Q.
Star Wars Familiarity: I've played KOTOR and KOTOR II, Seen all 6 movies, seen some Star Wars cartoons.

Character Information

Character Series of Origin: Star Wars
Series Familiarity: I've played KOTOR, Seen all 6 movies, seen some Star Wars cartoons.
Real Name (Optional): Kevik
Aliases: Kevik the Slick
Race/species: Dug
Home Planet: Malastare
Affiliation: Light/Neutral
Title/Job: Grifter
Ambitions: As simple as it sounds, he just wants to survive.
Age: Young adult.
Gender: Male
Height: Typical Dug height
Weight: Typical Dug weight
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: N/A
His skin is mostly black, with light grey down his muzzle and over one eye, grey 'socks' on his feet and hands, down his belly and on the edge of his webbed ears and wattles.
Likes: Money, ladies, fine drinks, games, adventure, loyalty.
Dislikes: The Empire, Rodians, Slavers, Granns, Hutts
Strengths: Manipulative, cunning, kind and loyal to his friends. Using mines and knives, climbing, balancing, moving quickly.
Weaknesses: Ladies! He's not strong. He's short.
History/RP Sample: As a young Dug he was sold off of his homeworld into slavery to a small band of Rodians. He travled with them for a time, cleaning their weapons and preparing their food and drinks while they handled their criminal business. He kept his eyes and ears opened and was able to pick up tricks such as slight of hand or spotting the cracks in someone's Pazzak face.
The Rodians were set to meet a group of Gamorreans for trading but negotiations turned violent and after the dust cleared, Kevik was the only survivor.
From there, Kevik simply tried to survive, learning tricks of the grifter trade along the way. He relies on his wit and charm to keep him alive. The most law abiding job he ever had was an usher for Star Tours.

Portrait: Pending
Credit Count: 200

Skill and Equipment
Generally you are automatically granted all the gear you begin the RP with, but be sensible. You don't get a phaser and three lightsabers and a BFG900 and state of the art armour and a  personal cloaking device and your own pod racer and 17 slave-girls. Again, that's a one way ticket to Planet Mary-Sue.

Technique(s)/Abilities: He's good at bullshitting and games. He's get exceptional slight of hand and is quite the charmer. He comes across as someone you can trust and he's actually got a good heart. He can pick locks and set traps and is quick with a knife. He's very agile, even for a Dug.
Name: Syzygy (A term in astronomy, a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies)
Type: Modified Blaster
Description: A DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol modified with a grip that makes it easier for Kevik to use in either his hands or his feet. The trigger-guard has been removed so he can just slide any of his digits in to fire.

Name: Stun baton
Type: Generic Stun baton
Description: A typical stun baton used as a back-up weapon to get out of scrapes. It is never set to kill, but could certainly shock a person to the point of passing out, as well as scramble AI, Cyborgs and Droids

Name: dagger
Type: Normal Dagger, but Kevik is saving up to get a vibro-dagger.

Description: A regular 7 inch blade with a handle and a hilt. Worn in a holster hidden under his shirt, against his back.

Racial Bonus: Strong, fast and agile because Dugs basically swing around in the trees like monkeys.
Dugs were slender, powerfully built beings with a somewhat humanoid build and a unique method of walking that hailed from the high gravity world Malastare. Their primary means of locomotion were their strong arms...

...the Dugs were arboreal beings. They brachiated among the canopies with alarming speed using all four limbs.
Ship Creation
Is a member of the Firefly Class ship Pridefire.

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